Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

Biomedical Training and Research Institute, Zimbabwe

The ReBUILD Consortium partner in Zimbabwe is the Biomedical Research & Training Institute (BRTI) which was founded in 1995 and is registered in Zimbabwe as a non-profit making company. The BRTI is an independent institution, not linked to any governmental or non-governmental agency, and as such is able to set its own priorities and policies within the framework of promoting better health through its research and training programmes.

The BRTI collaborates with the University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences, Stanford University, California, USA and is affiliated to Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe through a Memorandum of Understanding. BRTI works closely with the Ministry of Health and Child Care on a number of research, training and service delivery programmes. The BRTI promotes and supports relevant and ethical research in all aspects of health, and provides training directed towards developing capacity of researchers to design, conduct and report on health research.

BRTI's research with ReBUILD is summarised on the project's BRTI website page.

If you would like to contact the research team in Zimbabwe please email ReBUILD's Principal Investigator in Zimbabwe, Dr Shungu Munyati  or Project Research Fellow Yotamu Chirwa.