Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

Cambodia Development Resource Institute

The Cambodia Development Resources Institute (CDRI) is a leading independent development policy research institute, whose mission is to contribute to Cambodia‘s sustainable development and the well-being of its people through the generation of high-quality, policy-relevant development research, knowledge dissemination and capacity building. It works in partnership with Cambodian public institutions and civil society, and their regional and international development partners, in five interrelated areas, namely Social Development; Economy, Trade and Regional Cooperation; Poverty, Agriculture and Rural Development; Democratic Governance and Public Sector Reform and Natural Resources and Environment. CDRI has many publication series, including working papers, the annual development review, the Cambodia development review, policy briefs, flash reports and many other papers and reports. The key researchers for this project come from staff from the social development programme, with skills in a range of disciplines including: Medicine, health system and policy analysis, health economics and development studies.

ReBUILD worked in partnership with CDRI during the first phase of its research from 2011 to 2016.