Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

Blog entries 2016

Women leaders for health, peace and security.
20 June 2016

Leadership can take many forms and be shown at different levels. Nick Hooton, from the ReBUILD Research Consortium, reflects on some inspiring examples of women’s leadership in health which were heard at a recent side event at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, on Health Systems Strengthening; Women’s Leadership, Peace and Security.

Making global partnerships in capacity building for research work
03 June 2016

In this blog, Justine Namakula shares insights from a session at the 22nd Canadian Conference for Global Health, which took place in November 2015 in Montreal, on the theme of Capacity Building for Global Health: Research and Practice. The session covered the importance, challenges and lessons learnt in relation to global partnerships in capacity building. Hopefully this will encourage some self-reflection within research partnerships such as our own ReBUILD Consortium and other future partnerships.

The Free Health Care Initiative in Sierra Leone_six years on_six lessons
02 June 2016

Six years on from the introduction of the Free Health Care Initiative in Sierra Leone, ReBUILD's Sophie Witter has led a team in an evaluation of the initiative. In a blog just published in the Lancet Global Health, she gives an overview of what the review found: how that policy was implemented, what it achieved, and what we can learn from it.

To phase out Enrolled Nurses or not_ Can Ugandas human resource policies learn anything from a stakeholder engagement?
10 May 2016

Justine Namakula from ReBUILD's team at Makerere University School of Public Health reflects on a recent policy dialogue on human resources for health in Uganda, organised by the SPEED programme.

Health System Challenges in the face of the humanitarian crisis in Iraq
04 April 2016

On October 24th, 2015 the Middle East Research Institute with funding from the Thematic Working Group on Fragile and Conflict-Affected States and collaboration from Health Policy Research Organisation-Kurdistan (HPRO) conducted a one-day meeting. The event explored the views of various stakeholders in Kurdistan region of Iraq on the challenges posed to the health system of the sudden increase of population it needs to serve. Goran Zangana outlines the background of the health system challenges in Kurdistan region, and the discussions at the meeting

Rebuilding after catastrophe? A missed opportunity for health and social change
16 February 2016

Rosalind Steege reflects on the challenges of addressing long-term development during humanitarian responses, following a recent panel discussion hosted by The Guardian.

What is the role of gender and ethics in building stronger health systems?
11 February 2016

Tessa Hewitt from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine writes on issues raised at a recent seminar held by the RinGs programme with DFID health advisors, covering issues of gender analysis in health systems research, the positive benefits of the RinGs programme, and some key questions which emerged from the meeting.