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Blog entries 2017

Developing an online learning resource for European Commission health delegates
13 November 2017

Sally Theobald and Joanna Raven from ReBUILD and RinGs, have recently been working with the European Commission to develop a new open access online learning resource on Gender and Health Systems.

From Gender Blind to Changing Minds
09 November 2017

In this blog, written as part of the Humanitarian Evidence Week, Valerie Percival and Sally Theobald describe five steps to facilitate gender transformative humanitarian programming. Based on analysis, research and programme experience, they present strong arguments for practical steps to move beyond the rhetoric of gender equality and to ensure that interventions taken in the humanitarian period can set in motion serious commitments to gender based analysis and gender responsive programming, which support healthier populations and stronger, more peaceful societies.

Time to learn from the stark reality of cholera in Yemen
05 September 2017

The numbers in Yemen’s cholera outbreak are stark. Since the outbreak was confirmed by health authorities in October 2016, the spread has been rapid. Against the background of ongoing conflict, a crumbling health system and widespread malnutrition, the ‘worst cholera outbreak in the world’ has now affected over half a million people, with an estimated 5000 new cases each day. Over 2000 people have died. But this is not the only story. In this blog, Dr Shaima Hassan reflects on some of the health systems issues highlighted by Yemen's cholera outbreak, and in particular how health systems research could contribute to better understand this outbreak, and potential future public health challenges in settings affected by conflict and crisis.

How to get health systems evidence into policy and practice in fragile and conflict affected settings
12 January 2017

In this blog, first published on the Health Systems Global commentary site, Kate Hawkins, of Pamoja Communications, reflects on some of the lessons shared in a session on 'Evidence-based health systems policy and practice in challenging settings' at a stakeholder meeting hosted by the ReBUILD programme.