Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

QMU expert takes global research lead, 12 Jan 2011, The Scotsman

Tuesday, 01 Mar 2011

A MEDICAL expert at Queen Margaret University (QMU) has been given a leading role in a £6 million international research programme to help rebuild health systems in countries recovering from conflict.

Professor Barbara McPake, director of the Institute for International Health and Development at QMU, will co-direct research for the programme, which aims to provide valuable new knowledge from countries that have recovered from conflict situations - such as Sierra Leone and Cambodia - to help other countries in the immediate aftermath of political and social conflict. 

Professor McPake said: "It will be a privilege to work with such a skilled team of professionals from all over the world.

"There are particular opportunities in post-conflict fragile states for reshaping health systems to give poor people better access to services and reduce the burden of health related expenditure."