Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

ReBUILD celebrates successful completion of the Inception Phase

Sunday, 01 Apr 2012

Our ReBUILD team is now putting plans into action for the next four years of the research project, following confirmation from the UK Department of International Development (DFID) that we successfully completed our Inception Phase.

This recent news has spurred on our research teams, as they finalise research protocols, begin the process of ethical approval and prepare for fieldwork. 

Joseph Edem-Hotah, of the ReBUILD consortium’s Sierra Leone team, said of the good news:

“This is a great step for ReBUILD, it took a lot of effort and great team work from all partners to get through the Inception Phase and we are very pleased to celebrate the result from DFID.”

The ReBUILD project will go a long way to bridging the knowledge gap in a previously neglected area of health systems research, the post conflict context.

Decisions made in the early post conflict period can set the long-term direction of development for the health system. Effective and well-targeted public services and well-informed regulatory measures support an appropriate complementary role for the non-state sector.

Growing resources available to the health system as the economy recovers and aid flows increase can be targeted on reducing the direct financial burden on poor women and children, and health workforce development. Innovations introduced by humanitarian organisations may be capable of institutionalisation in the public sector. Entrenched opposition to pro-poor change may be weaker during this period.


ReBUILD will focus on five areas of health systems research, these are; health financing, incentives and health worker motivation, contracting, rural posting and aid architecture.

During 2011, the consortium conducted a series of thematic and country situation analyses which have set the scene for these research projects (planned to start in the summer), we expect early results to be available by the end of the year.

For further information or for a copy of the Country Situation Analysis for Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Uganda or Zimbabwe; contact the Communications and Research Uptake Manager, Helen McFarlane