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ReBUILD presents to Cambodia Health Partners meeting

Tuesday, 07 Apr 2015

On Friday 27th March, ReBUILD’s Sreytouch Vong from the Cambodia Development Resource Institute and Professor Tim Ensor, from Leeds Institute of Public Health, presented by invitation at the Health Partners meeting, a group of the major development partners supporting Cambodia’s Ministry of Health. This was a very timely opportunity to share research evidence and associated proposals, as the Ministry of Health and its partners are currently in the process of designing the next 5-year health strategic plan, to follow on from the current plan which ended in 2014.

The key area of interest was evidence around the effectiveness of the Special Operating Agency as a model of contracting for health care. Despite the SOA model having been implemented for some years now, and with the likelihood that they would form part of the new 5-year strategic plan, there has been limited evidence on the effectiveness of the model to date.

Sreytouch presented findings from CDRI’s research project on contracting for health in Cambodia, which included an exploration of the limitations to drawing more specific conclusions based on currently available data. Tim Ensor then presented on some possible approaches that would enable a more robust evaluation of the SOA model.

The two briefing notes based on these presentations are available here

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