Research for stronger health systems during and after crisis

Building health system resilience in fragile states emerging from conflict or other forms of severe disruption

Thursday, 27 Oct 2016

Join us for this session at the 4th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Vancouver

Organised by the Thematic Working Group on Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict Affected States

Weds 16th November, 2pm

Meeting Room 8, Vancouver Convention Centre

The goal of resilient health systems is to be able to withstand shocks. This is particularly challenging for states emerging from conflict/severe disruption. This session will use cases studies from West Africa and South Sudan to explore the concept of resilience in such contexts and what lessons we can take forward.

What the session will cover:

While all states are endeavouring to build resilient health systems, this is particularly challenging for states with highly disrupted health systems due to massive shocks; for instance states emerging from conflict or other forms of devastating disruption, like the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Given the diverse contexts of fragile and conflict affected states, prescriptions for building resilience are inappropriate. However, the use of case studies will be informative. The overall aim of this session is to examine the challenges in building resilient health systems in the context of such states and what strategies might be possible based on two case studies:

  • South Sudan’ transition from humanitarian assistance phase to health systems rebuilding phase
  • The experience of the health system responses in the aftermath of the Ebola virus crisis in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Based on a provisional list from the two case studies, the session will explore potential strategies and likely barriers to achieve greater health systems resilience in the medium term, and identify the relevant research questions that would lead to better evidence to support appropriate strategies.

The session will also help to identify the next steps for the TWG to take forward the use of the concept of resilient health systems in FCAS and appropriate research activities.

Please join us to contribute your own experiences and knowledge, and to learn more about health systems challenges and research in these complex settings.