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Supporting country strategies for Universal Health Coverage – new WHO guide.

Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017

As one of the core elements of Sustainable Development Goal 3 on Health and Wellbeing, all UN Member States have agreed to try to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030.

In trying to move towards this goal, a country’s health financing strategy is critically important. These strategies lay out how health care will be funded in a country, how the funds will be allocated and what services will be purchased. They are therefore critical to the population being able to access appropriate and quality health care without being pushed into severe financial hardship or catastrophic consequences – the core principles of UHC.

Up until now, there has been no guide to help countries produce such strategies. Working with the health financing team at the World Health Organisation, Professor Sophie Witter, ReBUILD’s co-director of research, has helped to draft a new guide - Developing a national health financing strategy: a reference guide, which is now available online for policy-makers to use.

The guide does not propose specific solutions or approaches – these have to be derived from the particular challenges and opportunities which each country faces – but it lays down some general principles, processes and structures to assist in this technically demanding but critically important task.

You can get more information and access the reference guide here.

Kutzin, J., Witter, S., Jowett, M. & Dayarsaikhan, D. (2017) Developing a national health financing strategy: a reference guide. Geneva: World Health Organisation.