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Past events

Webinar: Performance-based financing in fragile and conflict-affected settings: from research to practice

In this webinar, there was a brief presentation followed by reflections from practitioners from NGOs, implementation agencies and international organisations on the implications of the research on PBF for their practice.

More information here.


Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Development

The Global Symposium on Health Systems Research is organised every two years by Health Systems Global to bring together the full range of players involved in health systems and policy research and practice, including the ReBUILD Consortium. In October 2018 it was held in Liverpool, where ReBUILD members contributed presentations, panel discussions and posters.

There's more information on ReBUILD's HSR2018 sessions here


Symposium: Moving from Humanitarian to Development Aid

An East African symposium on aid effectiveness and health systems development. A collaboration between ReBUILD and Makerere University School of Public Health.

There's more on this event here


Webinar: Integrating gender into health system strengthening in conflict and crisis-affected settings; what’s in our toolkit?

In this webinar run by ReBUILD, RiNGs, Building Back Better and Health Systems Global, we explored how the process of focusing on gender has unfolded in different settings and shared a range of tools that interested researchers, policy makers and practitioners could use and adapt to stimulate progress towards gender equity.

Watch both the recording of the webinar and the related video featuring Sarah Ssali and Sreytouch Vong on YouTube.


Session: World Health Assembly

In May 2018 ReBUILD took part in the official World Health Assembly side session entitled 'Universal health coverage in emergencies – a call to action'.

There's more here on the background to the event itself.

You can also watch the individual presentations on the ReBUILD periscope page (Tim Martineau's is the last one).


Webinar: Health Systems in Situations of Fragility

Held in May 2018, Professor Sophie Witter of Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and ReBUILD drew on the work of the consortium, the NIHR Research Unit on Health in Fragility, and wider experiences and literature to examine health systems in fragile situations. Presented by the Global Health Institute at the American University of Beirut.

You can watch a recording of the seminar here


Webinar: Rebuilding health systems in conflict & crisis-affected settings: key issue guides and resources

Held in November 2017 to help develop two resources to:

  • support access to key evidence, and

  • recommend reading for those working on health systems in conflict and crisis-affected settings.

Watch the webinar here (you will need to login in)