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Session: UHC in Emergencies: World Health Assembly 2018 side event


Title: 'Universal health coverage in emergencies – a call to action'

Date: Monday 21st May 2018, 12:30-2pm CEST (11:30am GMT)

Location: Room VII, Palais des Nations, World Health Assembly


***Read the details and background to this session in this news item. ***


Meeting summary:

Details: To deliver on our commitment to global UHC we must increase our efforts to expand access to and improve the quality of essential lifesaving health services, without the risk of financial hardship to the millions of people affected by fragility and conflict. Unfortunately, health systems are being attacked and undermined, producing additional fatalities and exacerbating the humanitarian case load. There is an urgent need for a more coherent approach to expand coverage in conflict and crisis-affected situations. A concrete call-to-action is needed, aiming to ensure the continuation of health care in precarious situations. This session aims to:

  • raise the profile of the UHC agenda in emergencies, and

  • learn what it means to deliver and advance towards UHC in fragile and conflict-affected states.

The session will be a moderated panel discussion, with a call-to-action from the President of the Swiss Confederation.

Tim Martineau, of the ReBUILD Consortium, will be speaking in the moderated Q&A session alongside representatives from World Bank, WHO and IFRC.

We will be recording the session for later release, but we hope also to broadcast parts of the session live through twitter. Either watch the @ReBUILD twitter feed or watch via the periscope website.

Organising partners: delegations from Afghanistan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Somalia, Canada, Guinea and Central African Republic.

Further information: For background and more information, see this news item.

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